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Verdugo: Nabila's Sound of Madness Defaulted

On my day off yesterday I worked on a project I had planned when I had my old computer, Lola. These are my 2nd set of defaults actually. I made a set using Amaryll's Wet Eyes, but never uploaded them. :P

Anyhow, I defaulted Nabila's edits of Dragonmandy's eyes. These are from her 2nd version of the edits, Sound of Madness. I posted these on GOS and I'm also posting them here just because:

Credit goes to Nabila and Dragonmandy. My TOS is simple: just keep them free and since I defaulted someone else's work, respect their
TOS also

Colors used: Frosted (light blue), Kira (dark blue), Everglade (green), Molten (brown) and Alloy (gray)