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1st Impressions From Planet Earth

I finally got Sims 3 for my PC and I actually enjoy it. Not as much as I enjoy Sims 2, but they're two very different beasts. My first sim that I made in TS3 was Mer, a 1920s reject who resides in Riverview.


Don't you just love her face? I know I do.

These puddings are starting to grown on me though. Their expressions are so animated and cute. Plus I
actually like some of the store that Eaxis has been putting out for Sims 3. Much better than they did for Sims 2.
The gameplay is probably what I like the least, but I won't moan about that. Basically I'm playing like I play my console
games; as a game. Pure and simple.

One more picture of Mer before I run off.

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Azzy keeps suggesting I try S3 just for the change. Its really hard for me to even think about S2 as a game any more, so it's tempting. I have to admit, the content makes it more and more tempting. Mer is terribly cute :D